Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Green Smoothie

I make a green smoothie about 5 times a week as an alternative to an afternoon snack. There are TONS of recipes out there, but here's my version. My smoothie always tends to vary a bit because it depends on the produce I have in my fridge/freezer.

1/2 frozen banana
2 cups fresh spinach (if you buy in bulk, freeze servings of spinach for later)
1/2 cup Orange juice (Tropicana Trop50 for less calories and sugar)
1 kiwi
1/3 mango
1 tbsp flaxseed (high in omega-3) [or use chia seeds]

Alternative/additional ingredients I sometimes add:
Peeled and cored cucumber
Honeydew melon
Mint leaves
Apple (sweeter the better, I use golden delicious)
Ginger (use sparingly! A little goes a LONG way)

Some tips:
- I also sometimes have to add water if it is too thick to blend. Plus it adds zero calories.
- Try to keep your fruit serving down to limit calories and sugar
- Using frozen foods means you don't need to add ice to make it colder. This also helps because you can stock up on produce when it goes on sale and freeze it for smoothies later.
- I have seen recipes that add Greek yogurt to smoothies to boost the protein, but I have not tried. I did try a protein powder once, but the one I used was super chalky and make my smoothie taste horrible!

Nutritional Value:

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