Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April PopSugar MustHave Box Review

I got so excited when my first MustHave box came in the mail last week that I forgot to take pictures of it nice and pretty...

What was in the box:
- Chocolate bar (plus $1 off coupon)
- stacking friendship bracelet
- eco-friendly garment bag
- fragrance oil (very jasmine-y)
- beauty blotting papers

My thoughts on the products:
You can't go wrong with giving me chocolate, especially when it's a full-size bar of organic dark chocolate. I LOVE the bracelet. I'm not really a stacker because I think it makes my arms look fat, but it looks perfect alone or with my gold watch. I probably won't use the oil or the blotting sheets just because those aren't really in my beauty regimen, but they are definitely nice to have. Finally, the garment bag immediately went to the top of my closet where it will probably stay forever... I recycle shopping bags to take my clothes to the dry cleaner or I have an extra clothes hamper, so I don't really have any use for this. Maybe I'll need it later in life for a special occasion dress..

Overall first impression:
AKA, was it worth the $35... Yes, I think so. The chocolate cost $3-5, the perfume probably $15ish, the blotting sheets $5+, and the bracelet is well made with gold coated metal beads so I would put it's value at least $15-25. I'm not even counting the garment bag in the valuation because I already went over $35 for the cost of the box...

If you're interested in subscribing to the PopSugar Must Have box, please use this like so I get credit for the referral: POPSUGAR Must Have Box

I'll try to update this post later with pictures of the items. :)

Currently reading: Makers by Chris Anderson

I'm currently reading Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson for my Supply Chain Management course. It's a good book. I have to write a critical review of it for class this weekend so I'll post some key points from my paper when I finish it.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I'm in a whirlwind

So... I have a lot going on in my life right now and it's hard for me to find the time to blog and share with all (3) of my readers. Since I'm so busy, here's the quick elevator speech of excuses for not blogging as much....
- Working 40 hours (thank gosh I'm WFH and not traveling every week)
- Joined the SELF magazine 'Drop 10lbs in 5 weeks' challenge so I'm working out a lot
- Studying/Reading for my masters class in SCM that ends April 21st
- Social life... trying to decide whether I want to join JL of the Palm Beaches
- Weekly dinner at my parent's house
- Making dinners, household chores, and spending quality time with Danny
- Reading the crazy amount of fashion/lifestyle/DIY blogs that I follow
 -Anything else that takes up time in the day...

WFH= work from home
SCM= supply chain management
JL= Junior League

Thursday, 4 April 2013

March GlossyBox Review

This week, I received my first Glossybox and I am generally satisfied. For the $21 monthly subscription, I definitely got more than that in value! I have never heard of any of the beauty brands until this box, but that is great because it gives me an opportunity to try things outside of Sephora and CVS (my usually beauty one-stop-shops)

All the boxes are 'unique' so here is what came in mine:
- a bar of lovely scented soap + $40 gift certificate to the online shop
- lip and cheek stain (LOVE love love!!)
- cream eye shadow stick (a brassy/bronze that is a tad too dark for my taste)
- brown matte liquid eye liner (I'm not the best at putting this stuff on neatly, and the wand does not help. It sure stays put though!)
- finishing hairspray (I hate hairspray, but my friends say its because I'm traumatized from back in the day when there was only the crunchy stuff, supposedly this is holding without the sticky and crunchy hair)
- lipstick and gloss duo in nude (love the gloss but the stick is a tad too tan nude and gives my lips a brownish color)

My favorites are the soap and the eye liner, but my ultimate favorite that wins me over is the stain!

The box is also so perfect and I'm definitely going to reuse it for something!

If you are interested in signing up for a Glossybox subscription, use this link so I can get referral credit. :) Glossybox

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? I heard of a bunch of them but would love to hear what is actually subscribed to and how well you like it.

Thank you so much reading!
<3 Leah