Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sandton, South Africa

Sandton is an interesting town... I knew it was upper class just by getting to my hotel the first night as we passed the Aston Martin dealership about 2 blocks away. Last night we found a greek restaurant, Mythos, and next to it was this posh place for tapas and cocktails.. It was called Prive' and it was packed with people on a Wednesday night. Well tonight we found a place that topped that shopping center. I don't know what the shopping center was called but on facing Rivonia Rd it had a Pick and Pay, a Mornightside pharmacy, a great bookstore, and a bunch of restaurants. We ate at Green Peppercorn and it was AMAZING! I was also very impressed to see the value of cars in the packed parking lot. I would say +60% of the cars were either Mercedes or BMW

Friday, 1 April 2011

Feta Cheese

South African's LOVE feta cheese! And they are REALLY good at making it! I happen to be a huge fan of feta in general, but it tastes different (better) here. I'm heading back to the US today and I'll have to try feta again and see who wins, US vs ZA!