Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sandton - the place for cheap fine dining!

Sandton is an interesting town... I knew it was upper class just by getting to my hotel the first night as we passed the Aston Martin dealership about 2 blocks away. Last night we found a greek restaurant, Mythos, and next to it was this posh place for tapas and cocktails.. It was called Prive' and it was packed with people on a Wednesday night. Well tonight we found a place that topped that shopping center. I don't know what the shopping center was called but on facing Rivonia Rd it had a Pick and Pay, a Mornightside pharmacy, a great bookstore, and a bunch of restaurants. We ate at Green Peppercorn and it was AMAZING! I was also very impressed to see the value of cars in the packed parking lot. I would say +60% of the cars were either Mercedes or BMW.
TBContinued.. need to get to sleepSan

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