Sunday, 27 March 2011

Initial opinions of South Africa/Joburg

Layover weekend in Amsterdam. Some of the highlights: All the canals, Red light district, Anne Frank House, coffee shops, signs for internet versus wifi (they don't mean the same thing!), Arendsnest Bar (350 Dutch beers and amazing bartenders!), I AMsterdam sign

Driving without GPS from OR Tambo Airport to the hotel in Sandto, harder than it seems when all you're able to use is a crappy Hertz map.. we had to stop at KFC and ask the security guard if were going in the right direction.

Hotel Hospitality - South African hotels have about twice the staff as American hotels and half the quality of hospitality. If it weren't for my Diamond VIP status, I don't know what I would do without the Executive Lounge access.

Restaurant service- prepare for LONG sit down meals and not very knowledgeable waitstaff. Also ask them to repeat back your order to confirm they have your order correct.

Car watchers - there are people everywhere that will 'watch your car' for your while you are in a shop or somewhere... most of the time it is pointless but they are persistent in getting some sort of tip from you.

[to be updated soon]

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