Sunday, 27 March 2011

Durban... full of underage surfers and dangerous black ghettos

We went to Durban this weekend.. it's known to be a surfer city but the waves weren't very big.. We had quite a cultural experience during the day AND getting back to the hotel after dinner. I think I could count on my hands how many white people we saw ALL day. We stayed at Southern Sun Elangeni hotel and it was very nice; great view of the Indian Ocean from our 19th floor room. A block or so away is Nino's (halal) and we ended up going there for lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday because it was so good! Saturday afternoon we got to experience real Africa when we went to the Indian market to buy some souvenirs! Megan and I bought elephant hair bracelets (elephants are NOT harmed during the harvesting of their hair) and I got a beaded necklace. We walked around some and stopped for Bunny Chow, an Indian curry stew in a bread bowl. It was spicy but VERY tasty! Then we went to the Embankment and the pier where my future boyfriend stores his yachts. We took a tourist boat out into the open sea and saw a great view of Durban, including the big stadium and a beatiful sunset. After dinner and drinks (a John Deere drink is amazing; rum-ish liquor and creme soda, YUM) at the pier, then called our cabby, Peter to come get us. When we asked him for a place to buy liquor for pre-gaming, he had one place in mind and of course it had to be in the MOST dangerous part of Durban Centre. We were seriously scared for our lives but made it out with some beer and vodka, all thanks to the owners' amazing daughter, Benazir (named after the late Prime Minister of Pakastan).

We pre-gamed and got ready to go out and then got a recommendation from the young bellman to go to 'Florida St' for Saturday night and it was ALL kids! The drinking age here is 18 and we saw 2 girls with '18th birthday' pins... I swear it was worse than college bars; the average age was definitely under 21... We stayed at one bar for about 30 minutes, just enough time to chug our beers before leaving for a less high school crowd.. We went next door to sit down at Chill to have some gourmet pizza, beers and chips (fries). We had a great patio table perfect for people watching... I think I stared at this one guy's butt for the entire time it was in my view (about 10-15 minutes). Some amazing views but the girls were tiny and YOUNG and the guys were equally young and immature. We felt soo old but it was still a blast!

Before getting back on the road, we drove North a bit to Umhlanga and got to see the 'Umhlanga Rocks'.. the beaches aren't as swimmable because of them, but it was quite beautiful. It was also a much higher class area and I think next time if we go to Durban, we'll stay in Umhlanga instead and just drive 15 minutes to visit Durban.

2 hours into our 7.5 hour drive, we go to Kwazulu-Natal Midlands... it was a very scenic and beautiful drive into the Midlands to Nottingham Road area for a wine tasting at The Stables. Then on the way back to the highway, we stopped at the cutest store, Piggly Wiggly. They had amazing local foods, produce, treats, and not to mention the 'Best Cappuccino in all of Africa'. I had the Cappuccino Choco Creme which had chocolate mousse on top of the cappuccino and it was HEAVENLY! I also got some cheeses, ice cream, biltong (beef jerky) and some macadamia nuts to bring home to my Mom. Amazing foods and the staff was so kind!

Now back in Sandton and it's past my bedtime.. we have an hour drive to the Plant in Heidelberg in the morning.

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