Friday, 12 July 2013

PopSugar Must Have Box - June and July editions

I have to say, I'm in love with the PopSugar subscription boxes! Both June and July were awesome and the value was definitely there!

The June box I think has been my favorite thus far. I love the scarf! I have a million scarves from living up north, but this one is really an all-weather scarf! I can wear it in Florida for going to dinner, the movies or the grocery store where the A/C is always cranked. The popcorn was gone in about 3 days... It was addicting and I couldn't believe that it was 37 calories per cup! (Who am I kidding... I probably had 2-3 servings each time.) The Juice Beauty moisturizer smells a little overwhelming (almost like citrus scented floor cleaner) and it's a bit thick for a summer lotion, but it's not greasy and I love keeping my face moisturized. I haven't opened the book or unwrapped the DVD yet. The mints are delicious and there are sooo many! I feel like I go through a box of tic tacs in a matter of days, but this little test tube holds a TON of mints! Finally, I've been stalking the Gorjana and Griffin website trying to decide what I want to purchase with my $25 gift card... so many awesome items!

Here are a few snaps from my June box:

Value Breakdown:
Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf - $62 + $25 gift card
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer (Full Size) and 2 CC Cream (Samples) - $65 + $7.80 worth of samples ($3.90 for each sample)
Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness DVD - Addicted to Sweat 4 - $7.49 but its $29.95 for all 4 DVDs
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger - $25.99 List Price but $14.76 on Amazon
Project 7 Quench The Thirsty Wintergreen Mints - $1.79 (Available at 7Elevens, Target, Walmarts and more)
Popcorn, Indiana Fit Popcorn - $5.33 per bag (Available at Whole Foods, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and more)
Total value: $189.17

July PopSugar Box:

July Must Have Box
Tovolo King Cube Ice Cube Tray
I have this tray in a smaller size and I love it to make flavored ice cubes with ice tea or coffee. I've also read that you can use butter and herbs in them or oil and herbs. Its dishwasher safe and the rubber makes it easy to pop out the cubes. I love this king size because they'll melt slower, which the BF will love so it won't water down his scotch. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table, Dillards, etc. 
$6.99-8.95 depending on where you buy it.

 Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips
I was hungry so I immediately opened this bag and it had 2 servings in it, but it didn't last longer than 5 minutes. They were so tasty and crunchy! I LOVE chocolate and have lately been obsessed with Sheila G's Brownie Brittle, and these were great and have less calories!
$23.96 for 4 pack on their website (includes S&H) or MustHavebox value: $5.99

 NCLA As If! Polish
The color is really nice lavender color. It's also a 5 free color which people like because it's healthier. I personally can't tell much difference in quality between these and the $1.99 polishes at CVS. Let's see if it lasts longer than my cheapo bottles.
$16 on

BaubleBar Rose Gold Double Curb Chain Necklace
This necklace is exactly what I've been looking for! I have rose gold rings, a bracelet and even earrings, but never had any necklace to pull it all together. I love that it has some weight to it so that it will lay flat on my chest and it doesn't look cheap. Plus every item from BaubleBar comes with it's own protective sleeve which is great to prevent scratches. And I also got a 20% off card for a future order. The jewelry is all definitely costumey, but the quality is MUCH nicer than anything similar that you'll find at H&M, Target, Charming Charlie, or Forever21.
$36 for a silver version on

 Mighty Leaf Iced Tea
I love iced tea. I try not to drink as much coffee during the summer because I like to stay very hydrated. These are tea bags that you can use to make a whole pitcher of iced tea. I'm usually a Teavana (read: snooty) tea drinker, but I'll give this a shot! The pouches smell great!
$6.25 per box and has 4 pouches that each make a 1/2 gallon pitcher
 Supergoop! SPF 30 Anti-aging City Sunscreen Serum
I love anything with SPF included in it, but lately I've started getting picky about my SPF after reading some product reviews. I had a sample of some Supergoop product back when I subscribed to Birchbox and I thought it was good stuff. This has a faint smell of sunscreen and applied nicely to my hand. I will definitely be using this because living in Florida, I wear sunscreen even if I don't plan on ever leaving my apartment (the rays can still come through the windows!). And even though I'm not even 30, it's never too soon to start adding in products that boast 'anti-aging' benefits.
$42 on or Sephora

 Total Value of July box: $113.25

Overall opinion of the last two months: I definitely liked June's box more than July's, but both have such a great value! And it's stuff I actually use too! It's not like I include the product in my value count because it's in the box, but I'll actually use all this stuff! (Ok maybe I should have deducted the Madonna chair dancing DVD from June and that nail polish from July, but oh well....) Still an amazing value and such variety!

I love these boxes so much that I changed my subscription from monthly ($37.10 per month) to the 3-month subscription which saves $5 per month. I highly recommend it!
If you want to subscribe use this link so I get referral credit :) POPSUGAR Must Have 
If you already subscribe, please leave a comment with your favorite items!

PS.. August is the Anniversary month for the Must Have box so I'm sure that box will be filled with amazing products! I can't wait!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Reaching my Fitness Goals with Camp Gladiator

I joined Camp Gladiator (South Florida) about 4 weeks ago now and I LOVE IT! A friend told me about it and I finally took her up on going to a session with her. After the first workout, I was hooked!

Let me take you back in history for a minute...
I enjoying going running.. It's my 'me-time' because I just strap on my shoes, put my iphone in my arm band, turn on my Nike+ and music, and go... I'm able to lose myself in the running and anything that was on my mind that day just seems to disappear while I'm working out. I used running as my brain rest between working and dinner (and sometimes more work). I'm not a morning person so running before work was never an option.
Now I'll be the first to admit to you, I'm not a real runner. I tell people 'I do intervals'. LOL. Basically I go out for a jog, but can't run the whole time, so I switch between jogging and speed-walking. Saying that I do 'intervals' sounds so much cooler than 'I start out jogging, but then have to slow down to a walk occasionally because I can't catch my breath'.
I first started running when I moved to FL and met my friend Kelly in 2009. She's a tennis player and a runner. She told me about the Nike+ app (at that time it was the little sensor you put in your shoe) and how it records your runs so you can keep track of your progress. I started running with a Couch-to-5K podcast and well, now I've been running a few times a week ever since. I don't really go more than 2-4 miles, but that's enough for me to break a good sweat. I attempted  2 5K races and even a 15K race when I lived in Chicago, but since moving back to Florida, entering in races doesn't really interest me. I don't feel like paying an entry fee to run a course and get a t-shirt. Although I do have 'train for a half-marathon' listed in my 2013 Goals.
Fast forward to this past year... I downloaded the Nike+Training app on my phone and was using that for a while because I wanted to mix up my running with other cardio and toning. I moved in with my bf a few months ago and, although there is an awesome gym in our condo building, my workout routines started feeling boring and I wasn't looking forward to working out as much as I used to. Also, I wasn't running much anymore because I didn't have as much stress from work that I needed to run away from. So I was in sort of a lull with working out and was getting bored. That's where CG comes in! They SAVED me from my boring workouts that I had to force myself to do so that I wouldn't feel guilty for my chocolate and cheese addictions.

Here's what the Camp Gladiator website says about the camp:

"Camp Gladiator is more than a fitness boot camp, it’s an experience. Camp Gladiator is a four week adult fitness boot camp that promises a motivating and challenging environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves. Campers should expect a total body workout. A typical session could include interval training, sprint and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, body weight strength drills, cardio mix, and much more. Camp Gladiator is designed to increase your functional strength, speed, stamina and, most importantly, to deliver results." - From

It truly is a life saver! I look forward to my workouts after work EVERY DAY! And each session is different and the weeks (and sometimes the days) are themed, which makes it really exciting and fun! I wish I took some pictures so I could show you the transformation I've seen in my body in just 4 weeks! I'm still working towards my goal, but I love what I'm seeing so far!

I've been going 4-6 times a week and on Saturdays, we have a beach workout! At first I was nervous about the beach workouts because about 2 years ago I got a really bad stress fracture in my foot (Public Announcement: If you try barefoot running shoes, like Vibram Five Fingers, you need to start for the ground up and don't try to go for your normal distance immediately!) Sometimes the sand bothers my foot if we do a lot of running, but I've done 3 beach sessions so far, and only the first one was the killer.

Here are my fitness goals:
I was trying to be funny when I wrote this ...(read: 'hot to bangin'?! uh, ok) But then I wrote in my goals. On May 17th, my CG trainer, Erika, took my measurements for the CG nutrition and weight-loss challenge. My measurements were:
Thighs: 24"
Biceps: 10"
Waist (at belly button): 30"
Hips (widest part): 42"
Weight (measured at home): 153 lbs (early in the morning)

The challenge is simple. Drop a $1 each time to attend camp to drop the inches. The person to lose the most inches at the end, wins the money. (But the trainer said she would have prizes for other finishers too.)

This week is my last week of the challenge and I went to go try on the Lululemon Wonder Under crops yesterday (see picture below). I wear a size 8 but I think I should have also tried on the 6 just in case. They were SOOO comfortable that I feel like maybe I should have gone down a size. That was my first time trying them on so I know how good the quality is and why it has such a cult following. I still love my TJMAXX, Marshall's, Target and Old Navy workout clothes, but nothing compares to the quality and comfort of Lululemon. Looking forward to EARNING my pair when I reach my goal.

Wunder Under Crop
Lululemon Wonder Under Crops - $72

Some pictures from Saturday beach workouts and weekday workouts:
CG Saturday Beach Workout (I'm in the purple top and black shorts in the bottom right)

Weekday CG workouts!
CG Saturday Beach Workout

I love the CG Saturdays Beach Workouts. (I'm in the black hat next to the girl in the black t-shirt.) It sucks because it's at 8am on a Saturday morning, which means I can't really go crazy with my Friday evening... not that I really do that often. But I love this camp because we get all sandy and sweaty, then after, go jump in the ocean to clean off! And at 9am, it's perfect to stop by the West Palm Downtown Greenmarket for some fresh produce, a veggie juice, and some jerk chicken on a stick. Plus free kettlecorn samples and the occasional treat (cider donuts or Palm Beach Pastry cookie samples).

I haven't checked my measurements, but I've definitely gained muscle in my arms, my stomach looks leaner, and my pants/skirts fit better around my hips. I have weighed myself and I teeter around 150-152. I'm less concerned about the weight part because I know that muscle weighs more than fat. I would certainly love a 6-pack of abs, but I'm more concerned with my wrap-around porch that I have going on with my butt and thighs.  Yes.... I called it my 'wrap-around porch'. I don't really have love handles because I have wide hips, but I would like to strengthen my lower back more so I don't have that little bit of pudge sitting on my hips (love handles). Finally, I love toned arms... I'm still getting used to 'posing' in pictures when I'm out with girlfriends or with Danny, but I want to be able to see some definition without having to flex. I'd also like to avoid getting 'wings' that almost every woman gets as their arms sag. Those are all pretty standard improvement areas for women (and men).

Lastly, I'd love to get Danny to come to bootcamp with me! It's impossible for force or coerce anyone into joining, but hopefully he'll realize that this isn't some fad... I'm making permanent changes in my health and life. I'm hoping he'll want to join me at CG not because he could afford to lose some inches too, but because it's a BLAST! My trainer just sent out an announcement email that they are celebrating Christmas in July! I can gift one free month of camp to a friend, plus anyone else who wants to sign up gets half off! I won't lie to you, camp is not cheap. But it is WORTH it! It's practically like having a personal trainer but a fraction of the cost. And the workouts are adaptable to any experience level, and any ailments (there is a lady in my group with a ROD in her leg and ZERO thigh muscle but I see her at least 3 times a week and she gets as good of a workout as any of us do!)

Looking forward to camp tonight at 6pm in Downtown West Palm Beach on the waterfront!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Currently Reading: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

I'm currently reading Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg.

Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and worked at Google before that. I've watched a TEDTalk and other clips of her presenting about her career while maintaining a successful marriage and growing family. She encourages women to 'sit at the table', take challenges, and 'lean in'. She also started a website,,  dedicated to encouraging and supporting women (and men) to lean in to their ambitions.

After I finish reading the book, I'll post a review about it. I can guarantee it won't be as long as the Maker book review I did. That was for a graduate class and I thought it would be nice to share. When {and if} I post a review, it will probably consist of quotes from the book, inspirations, and thoughts on how I can improve my life, and encourage others to do same. My goal after reading the book is to be more aware of things I might be unconsciously doing that could be setting me back from my peers or slowing me down from reaching my goals.

Has anyone read this book, her articles or watched any of Sheryl's speeches? If so, let me know your thoughts and how you have grown from the knowledge.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Book Review: Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson

Some of you may know that I am working on my masters degree in Management of Technology. I recently completed a class in Supply Chain Management and below is a paper that I submitted as a 'Critical Review' of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson. The paper had to include a brief overview of the book, highlight the impact on Supply Chain Management, and include a critical review or critique. Enjoy!


Executive Summary

The newest book by Chris Anderson, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, describes an innovative cutting-edge age for transforming American manufacturing. A Maker is an entrepreneur who is industrializing the do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit. Through the use of the Internet they can harness the power of communities across the globe to utilize tools for both invention and production. The author sees the Maker as the catalyst for the resurgence of American manufacturing.
Anderson opens by sharing a historical recount of the process of invention using a story about his own grandfather. He believed that only because he was in the wrong time period; before Internet was invented, his grandfather was not able to become the entrepreneur he needed to be to get his product off the ground. However, the new industrial revolution that Anderson proposes is upon us now. A person can be both inventor and entrepreneur, thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and technological advancements.
Technology improvements over the past couple decades provide us all with the tools to become designers. The use of computer software design applications helps us to create virtual models of our ideas. The hardware tools for transformation that Anderson highlights are: the 3-D printer, CNC machine, laser cutter and 3-D scanner which help us turn designs into physical products.
The rise of open source software and hardware availability enables individuals and communities to contribute and support in the creation of an idea into reality. Leading private organizations have even tapped into the open market to supplement their in-house expertise. Once a design is perfected, Makers utilize websites like Kickstarter to host the financial backing of the product. Anderson explains the unique opportunity that Kickstarter provides to inventors/entrepreneurs as having the ability to simultaneously generate pre-sale orders, market and promote the product, as well as gauge market receptiveness.
Throughout the book, he shares stories about real people who turn what may have been a hobby at first, into a profitable livelihood. He also explains how the use of the Internet has opened manufacturing to the wide reaches of the world. Anyone can take their design to almost any manufacturer to create their product just by harnessing the power of the Internet, and all from the comfort of their home. The final chapter describes how the DIY movement is prevalent in biology. Anderson relates what is already done in nature with DNA, to what is potentially the future of biological science. What can now only be done by a small number of professional labs will soon evolve to a point where not just trained scientists can have all the fun. The Maker Movement is upon us; if you can imagine it, you can make it.

Supply Chain Management Impact

The book highlights a number of key areas in supply chain management that are transformed through this new industrial revolution. First and foremost, the Maker movement is about taking an active role in invention and following through to fabrication of a product. When a product design is shared openly, anyone can add value by improving or modifying it. Through the use of communities of like-minded, driven individuals, research and development can be expedited faster than a normal product development lifecycle. Just because the consumers might be located all over the world, doesn’t make it harder to manufacture and deliver products. Currently, there are even manufacturers that no longer charge for intellectual property.
The impacts of this model are profound. In the new model, a Maker can send a design via the Internet to be produced at a manufacturer closer to the customer to avoid paying additional transportation costs. All these steps improve the time it takes to get a mass customizable product to market and enables production closer to the customer so that they get their goods sooner than traditional methods. In the future, there would be no need for centralized warehouses or even necessity to maintain inventory. The future will be a highly decentralized model, manufacturing closer to the end consumer. This decreases transportation costs and minimizes the costs of inventory storage. This new way of manufacturing is also capable of mass customization, the ultimate supply chain oxymoron. The time when manufacturing required expensive custom machines that had to make the same thing in huge numbers to justify the tooling expense is fading fast. Setup costs are decreasing with the improved accessibility of 3-D printers and their inherent costs decreasing as well. All these factors create a supply chain that is highly agile and adaptive to consumer needs; and since the design is shared in an open-source community, the designs constantly evolve to meet the needs of the consumer.

Critical Review

My overall thoughts on this book are positive and I recommend it to anyone interested in turning their inventions into small businesses. Anderson provides a number of anecdotes and personal stories both within the chapters and some that are carried through the course of the book that help the reader understand the transformational changes that this new industrial revolution is bringing. The book is inspiring in that it is applicable to a wide audience due to the belief that anyone can be a Maker (or contributor). Anderson is helping engage and shape the American inventor and bring the economy back to making things again. At the same time, he is telling the American corporations and manufacturers about the new wave of producing things and calling them to action to jump on board.
            My favorite part of the book was when Anderson promoted the Etsy Marketplace because I feel that this website is lesser known to the common web surfer; but, it has played a big part in my personal crafting and jewelry-making hobbies. If I am unable to make something myself, why go to Macy’s department store and get a mass-produced bauble when in reality I can log into Etsy and request an artist in the marketplace to make one for me for relatively the same price. The difference is that I can feel proud about my purchase because of the uniqueness and knowing that entrepreneurial artist, located virtually anywhere, has crafted the piece just for me. It makes me feel special because I get the product I desired, unique to my taste, and it promotes an inventor becoming a Maker.
            The only neutral critique I have for the book is Chris Anderson’s repetitive use of multiple stories involving his own company, inventions or investments. Often while I was reading, it seemed like there were self-promoting plugs and it came off a bit egotistical. Overall, the book was easy and enjoyable to read. It was inspiring and provides a compelling call to action, for Americans in particular, to join in the community of making and take an active role of bringing back the American manufacturing industry. Anderson makes it all sound so easy! He makes me want to find a community where I can contribute to designs and then find a 3-D printing machine to create my own stuff. I think it is a very productive outlet that provides a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction that might not otherwise be achieved through a normal full-time career.

May PopSugar MustHave Box Review

My May PopSugar Must Have Box came in the mail yesterday and I was literally jumping up and down while I was opening it! The theme this month is all about kicking the party season into high gear. I love the mix of beauty, fashion, food and entertainment that they curate monthly!

Here's what was in my box:

Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat (Black)
  • The flexible beach hat provides 50+ sun protection from the harmful rays when you are out all day in the hot summer sun.
  • The brim has a sturdy wire in it that allows you to shape it for your needs. Plus, it's easy to shove in your beach bag and not have to worry about ruining it's shape. 
  • I got the black one, which might not be the best in the Florida sun, but I'm a huge proponent of sunscreen and sun protection so this hat is definitely coming to the beach/pool with me every time!
  • Price tag: $27.99 from Hats Unlimited
Looking East across downtown West Palm Beach
The Modern Margarita - 6 Flavor Sampler
  • Each fun flavor only has 90 calories, which is on the lower end of the calorie range for margarita mixes {just check your grocery section!}
  • The flavors look really fun and delicious... I can't wait to try the watermelon!
  • It also comes with yellow rimming salt to add that finishing touch to your cocktails with friends
  • Price tag: $8.29 from
50 Conversation Cards created from Mindy Kaling
  • I'm not really sure what these are, but I did read a bit of Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and I've watched her show a few times. 
  • The title of the box says: Questions I Ask When I Want To Talk About Myself: 50 Topics to Share With Friends. I had to up the card box and figure out what these things were...
  • So I pulled out a card that said: I have virtually no hobbies except dieting. On the back of the card is what looks like an excerpt from Mindy's book, followed by a conversational question: What is the most absurd celebrity-endorsed diet/exercise regimen you've tried? Any surprising lessons you still practice?
  • I think these cards are cute and she includes so many topics. I'm the girl who has 2 best friends, and then a whole bunch of other girlfriends that I see, but hardly know anything about. These cards would be a fun way to get to know them more, share some laughs, and make some of those margaritas!
  • Price Tag: $13.45 on Amazon (Prime price)

The Original BeautyBlender and BlenderCleanser
  • This was THE item I jumped for joy about! I have been reading about these pink magical sponges for months! I never dropped the dough on one because I'm pretty used to my brushes and how to use those {I'm not the most makeup savvy person} but since this came in my MustHave box, I used it with my morning beauty regimen. 
  • I used my airbrush foundation brush to apply my liquid makeup over my face and then used the BeautyBlender to blend my foundation into my skin. It seemed to work well, but I think I will need to go to YouTube and search for tutorials.
  • I do love that it came with cleanser solution. I've seen all these DIYs for homemade makeup brush cleaner, but I wouldn't know how to clean this sponge correctly. The cleaner also has a light lavender-scent and is soy based, so it should be quick to clean the sponge and leave a nice scent in the air as you clean. Again I'll need to check the website or YouTube for how often I need to clean the sponge.
  • Price Tag: $23.95 on {for blender and cleanser travel set}
 Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint in Guava Berry
  • I haven't tried this yet... I just went on a shopping spree at Walgreens and bought like 5 new chapstick/lip tints. {Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm was on clearance for like $3.50 each so I couldn't resist stocking up}
  • The MustHave box card insert says that it is 100% vegan sheer lip color that will keep your lips moisturized and glowing. 
  • It does smell AMAZING, and the tube has beautiful gold and fushia designs.
  • Price Tag: $7.00 from
Charm & Chain $30 Gift Card
  • I've subscribed to this website's newsletters for a few weeks now and their jewelry is GORGEOUS! They have costume jewelry, everyday classics and also one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces. They have curated selections from a number of big designers: Lulu Frost, Dannijo. Kenneth Jay Lane, Gorjana, and more!
  • The free shipping doesn't start until you order $150, but the offer is good through the end of the year (December 31, 2013)
  • Price Tag: $30 at
  • Here's what I have my eye on: 
Taner Pave Bar Necklace
Gorjana Taner Pave Bar Necklace $70
Stormy Ring
Kendra Scott Stormy Ring Set $60

Special Extra:
Tortilla Chips from Way Better Snacks
  • I've been successfully avoiding carbs for about a week now so I haven't tried these chips. I need to wait until my boyfriend gets home so when I open the bag, we can try them together. {That way I don't have all the calories and avoid some of the carbs}
  • Price Tag: $20.94 for a box of 16 bags = $1.31 per bag from
The box also came with a small PopSugar tote bag. It's just big enough to fit a book, sun hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water to take to the beach/pool. I guess you have to carry your towel, or opt for a bigger bag.

Total Worth of the Box: $111.99!!! So much more value than the $35 it cost per month.

If you are interested in signing up for PopSugar MustHave monthly boxes, use this link:

What are your thoughts on these items? Are you going to join PopSugar? I'd love to hear your feedback!

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Lia from  because I follow her blog religiously and love it! Her blog gave me the inspiration to write these reviews and she also started doing the value breakdown before I even started blogging. Thank you, Lia!!!

My Green Smoothie

I make a green smoothie about 5 times a week as an alternative to an afternoon snack. There are TONS of recipes out there, but here's my version. My smoothie always tends to vary a bit because it depends on the produce I have in my fridge/freezer.

1/2 frozen banana
2 cups fresh spinach (if you buy in bulk, freeze servings of spinach for later)
1/2 cup Orange juice (Tropicana Trop50 for less calories and sugar)
1 kiwi
1/3 mango
1 tbsp flaxseed (high in omega-3) [or use chia seeds]

Alternative/additional ingredients I sometimes add:
Peeled and cored cucumber
Honeydew melon
Mint leaves
Apple (sweeter the better, I use golden delicious)
Ginger (use sparingly! A little goes a LONG way)

Some tips:
- I also sometimes have to add water if it is too thick to blend. Plus it adds zero calories.
- Try to keep your fruit serving down to limit calories and sugar
- Using frozen foods means you don't need to add ice to make it colder. This also helps because you can stock up on produce when it goes on sale and freeze it for smoothies later.
- I have seen recipes that add Greek yogurt to smoothies to boost the protein, but I have not tried. I did try a protein powder once, but the one I used was super chalky and make my smoothie taste horrible!

Nutritional Value: